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FanMix June 28, 2012 2754
Took the liberty of watching this last night. Glad I did!

I’ve seen Reloaded a couple times, Revolutions about 4 times. Reloaded came over as a sort of quasi-philosophical ride, that had potential, but got bogged down in subplots and redundancy. Revolutions just went all out Sci-Fi. Whilst they’re nice to watch, they never even got close to the original with it’s dark, thrillerish intrigue.

I’ve watched Spence’s take on it. I’ve also watched JasonN’s Evolutions. Neither are fully satisfying, but are good attempts.

With this in mind, yours appeared to be the most radical take on it, but I will admit to going into this a little half-hearted, but at 90 minutes to cover both films – it wasn’t going to kill me……and boy it didn’t!!!!

This is a really fun ride DanGarrett. At only 20 minutes in, I realised this was going to be a fast actioned take on things. You’ve seriously slimmed down two fats dudes into a trim athlete here, who is not some dumb action hero either. There’s still intelligence in this film, you’ve managed to keep the theme of fate running right through. You’ve trimmed it right back to a single plot and this is a good thing. It’s easy to follow and keeps your interest all the way through. There’s no dropoff in pace, in fact we have many high impact scenes that seem appropriate. At 58 minutes in, I was thinking, ‘yea, this is really working.’

- I like how you replaced Neo’s visions of Trinity’s death with visions of his own death, which we never saw in the original film.

- I liked how the mainframe was essentially – The Source.

- I’m sure you’ve split up the scene of Smith taking over The Oracle and placed it further back in the film. This works wonderfully.

I’ll give this a 9/10 overall I think.
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