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(Updated: February 22, 2023)
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At only 15 minutes long this fanedit is not a major time sink so I would never say that you are wasting your time watching it. That said, is not a very compelling film. I tried to watch this short as if I had never heard of these characters. Without the setup of "The Karate Kid" I don't know who Daniel or Mr. Miyagi are or why I should care about them. Because the majority of "The Karate Kid II" has been cut, there is no conflict in the story. Without conflict, there is no drama. So in the end this is just a series of scenes spliced together. Spliced together quite well I must add. This short did get me to see the love stories in "The Karate Kid II" in a different way. I enjoyed the old school crossfades, but did not like that the footage was desaturated. The editor did achieve a 1950's look by adding grain and removing the color, but it seemed unnecessary. The thing that I liked the most about this edit was the music. I agree with him that the soundtrack for "The Karate Kid II" is underrated.

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