MASHUP ROUNDUP: Killing Bruce Willis, Chasing Trinity, and Mexican Standoffs



A recurring feature at FE; A roundup of mashups, fan SFX and fan trailers. It is a collection of stuff old and new that we find interesting, cool or fun.

First in this roundup of mashups, we have a very fun, very ambitious mashup. Pierre-Alexandre Chauvat has put together a sequel to his 2013 video Everybody Wants to Kill Bruce. Huge thanks to Adabisi for posting this one and bringing it to our attention. In this new video from last month, well, everybody wants to kill Bruce Willis…again. The sound is very nicely done. I wish some light coloring could have been done (much easier said than done) to match the footage better, but the scene selection is pretty spot on. This thing is pretty much pure fun from start to finish:



Of course, one can’t help but be reminded of our blueyoda‘s awesome assembly, Chasing Trinity Episode 2:



That’s just delightful. It’s pretty much a clinic in editing. The rhythm is spot on, the cuts fall to the action and music, there’s a great audio gag (Mr. and Mrs. Smith) in there and the footage is put together very well. It feels more like one place despite stark differences because of some really smart editing, getting cars from one movie into another very cleverly. Nic Cage’s death is genius, Angelina Jolie’s car flipping put together with Bad Boys was great. The visual cuts keep the action focused to the eye. The action escalates, two thirds of the way through it goes into high gear and the climax is great (though a tease). Just wonderful editing to a joyous end.


Lastly, we have a supercut of Mexican standoffs from Burger Fiction. These run the gamut, from two people pointing guns at each other all the way down to animal threats. There are many great movies appearing in this supercut. I was extremely pleased to see Way of the Gun make an appearance. That scene is definitely one of my favorites in recent memory, extremely well-executed. This supercut is so entertaining that I’ll forgive it for including the terrible Transformers joke (I get its inclusion…but groaned). It was very strange to me to hear the Natural Born Killers standoff with its original music, I haven’t watched the theatrical cut since editing it. 🙂  If I had to nitpick, I would also say that I would have liked a bit more finale, but what we got was excellent. Pretty much tension from start to finish and then the easy-but-still-funny joke at the end.



Lastly, check out some fun FX work at BitMassive, having a good time with a scene from Home Alone. Until next time!