MASHUP ROUNDUP: Hell’s Club Spinoff, Friends, Mad Max: Fury Road and More



This will be a recurring feature at FE; A roundup of mashups, video essays, fan trailers and more. It will be a collection of videos old and new that we find interesting, cool or fun.

We start out with the spinoff of the awesome ‘Hell’s Club’ mashups from AMDSFILMS that I somehow missed a couple months back (here’s PART 1 and PART 2 for a refresher). Thanks to Silverwook for posting about the second one in the forums originally. The spinoff takes place in the bathroom. I don’t find it as cohesive as the first two but there are some really great visual gags. Definitely a very talented editor:


Next up is an excellent new fanmade trailer for a Black Widow movie using MCU and Lucy footage. There have been a few of these over the years (remember this dope BW title sequence?) but this is my favorite so far. I even tried to make my own television series out of the MCU movies (didn’t get very far, alas). The Lucy footage in this trailer really works, the editor makes some nice choices to maintain visual continuity. Excellent music and this just makes me want a Black Widow movie even more:


Next up is a personal favorite of mine. The episode of Friends that never was…In all seriousness, if you ignore continuity, the way lines are put together from different seasons and contexts is brilliant. The CG is crude (but way better than I could do!) but it doesn’t matter. This is simply awesome. For those put off by the runtime, watch 3 minutes and you’ll be both hooked and excited that there are 13 more minutes. Then it gets weirder than you expected, repeatedly. Diehard fans of the series will really appreciate hearing some classic lines used in a totally different context:


Next up are a couple of Harry Potter videos, one from over the summer and one brand spankin’ new.

Recently Kaija Siirala did a timely video essay on Harry Potter and the politics of hate for Fandor Keyframe. While a lot of these parallels are pretty clear (the books and films do not shy away from clear symbolism), it is nice to have an engaging, clear essay with well-edited visuals take us through it.


Editor Dimitri Bitu did a comparison video of the time-turner scenes in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, to let you see both perspectives at the same time. It’s a pretty straightforward gimmick but I never tire of videos laying different perspectives of the same scene side by side:


Back in August, Dimitri also did an excellent comparison between B-roll footage of Mad Max: Fury Road versus the finished product. It lays video side by side and lets you see them filming the scene vs the finished product. It’s a really smart idea, and it will probably make you appreciate Mad Max: Fury Road even more (if that’s possible):


Lastly, here’s an interesting interpretation of ‘It Follows’ as the crumbling nightmare version of the American Dream that was sold to the Millenial (or Willenials if you’re a Millenial who still knows the dance from the Men in Black music video). I think it reaches a touch but I really like the core thesis. Sometimes these video essays throw a lot of interpretation out with a few connections to the movie. I really like that this essay gives a ton of concrete and visual examples to back up the points. Agree or disagree, it’s a well-argued point. This one may have touched a nerve with me since me and my generation are currently going through this, and on top of some of these hardships/changes the generation who gave us all participation trophies is mocking us for having them. ‘It Follows’ was a really good film, and my favorite part about it is how simple and clear the story was, and how the baddie is able to be interpreted in so many different ways.


Stay tuned for more exciting, fan-created videos!


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