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Love Happy is the worst Marx Brothers movie (The Story of Mankind doesn't count), but it's still pretty good, more so if you view it as a "Harpo Marx movie". A lot to like here, even if it's more of a "smile throughout" film than a laugh-out-loud one like most of the Brothers' filmography. TM2YC does a pretty good job in eliminating pointless, fun-stopping filler, yet I would have left "Who Stole the Jam" in, not only because it's a pity to lose any footage of the Brothers but because its removal creates a continuity error: one moment Harpo is enjoying a nice lunch with Maggie, the next he's running up the aisles for no apparent reason. I won't miss any of the other removed scenes, though.

Editing itself is well done, other than a stray audio bit from the removed Throckmorton torture. One of the "agh's" happens during the dissolve in low volume and calls distracting attention to itself as digitally edited. The rest has nothing to fault, and the technical audio/video quality is fine.

I'm not sure it would be a replacement disc for me, but it's a fun watch when one's in the mood for some Marx Brothers (which is about always!)

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