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I'm a Big fan of the Marx Brothers. Unfortunately as TM2YC knows the production quality of the majority of their films was lacking. It's all hit or miss with the Marx Brothers all across the board. Their editing was mostly sub par. Their sound suffered greatly over the years from neglect or even possibly it was never all that great to begin with. The stories in The Marx Brothers early movies are mostly their Vaudeville Acts connected together with a loose or sometimes non-existent story line. Animal Crackers is another example of this.

TM2YC did a wonderful job in cleaning up Vol 1 and 2 of this Swordfish Collection. He tightened up the editing and cleaned up the musical numbers. The DVD menu screen is classy and a wonderful presentation for these two movies.

You accomplished exactly what you set out to do with Vol. 1 and 2, and did a great job of it too.

This is probably the best presentation of Animal Crackers anyone can see today. It's as coherent and logically put together as a it can ever hope to be. I'm very happy I got to see this version of it.

Animal Crackers seems to receive more love by other Marx Brothers fans than what I believe it deserves. I just don't get it. Animal Crackers is a fun movie just not one of my favorites.

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