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Even as a child I found the songs (but not the piano playing ) interminably boring and they just got in the way of the genius of the Marx Bros. I almost can't believe anyone would ever have cared for them other than those retained for Groucho or comedic plot value. These edits are perfect in driving home the pace and frantic chaos of the Bros, and I for one have them burnt to disc and in the official box set with the words "WATCH THIS VERSION ONLY" emblazoned on the printing.

Thank you so much for making these. There are not enough editors tacking older classics.
I hope you do some more...I may even join in (but not with the Marx Bros).

I dock one star on enjoyment simply because the material overall is not on a par with their later movies, but without the changes made, this would be a 7, so thanks for this.

Delightful and highly recommended!
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