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This review is a placeholder and will hopefully be updated in the near future. It concerns the first season of the Marvel edit, mainly the first few episodes.

If you want to watch the MCU in a more bitesized format, this will scratch your hitch. Notflix as chosen the appropriate time to end the episodes and as inserted some deleted scenes to fill up each "arc". The Bucky scenes that opens episode 2 is much appreciated, but I felt that the lesson with Yon-Rogg and Carol in episode 4 was justifiably cut by the filmmakers since pretty much all of its relevant information was repeated in the next scene.

The standout element of Marvel as a show for now are the great "previously on" segment added to the appropriate episode. Clearly a lot of work were put into those.

Important to note that unlike other fan edits, this isn't some wild reimagining of the material and doesn't offer major alterations to the plot or character motivations. It won't change anyone's opinion about the quality of the original material.

As such, I must note my one major pet peeve, which is related to the credits. Notflix uses the original films' closing credits for his episodes shown at a faster speed. A good idea on the surface and one that saves a lot of time trying to recreate all of this, but the issue is that the cast and song credits are therefore erroneous.

For example, Stanley Tucci's Dr. Erskine is still on the cast card of episodes 2 and 3 even though all of his scenes are in episode 1. Episode 3's last third is taken by the Agent Carter one-shot, but director Louis D'Esposito, writer Eric Pearson and significant cast member Bradley Whitford aren't credited.

To have this edit feel like a credible tv edit, these issues should at least be dealt with for future seasons of the show. I recommend that Notflix keeps using the original credits but substitutes the cast and songwriting cards to feature only the actors and songs actually featured in the episodes.

Also, to be more mindful in the selection of which deleted scenes are put back in. Sometimes, scenes are deleted for a reason. The Bucky scene in episode 2 reintroduces the audience to the character like a proper tv show would, but the Yon-Rogg one is redundant.

A final suggestion, if Notflix does end up using alternate cast cards, I suggest only crediting the actor with the names/alias used in the actual episode. For example, in Captain America The Winter Soldier, episode 1 should only credit Sebastian Stan as Bucky Barnes, since we see footage of him in the museum, leaving whoever is the Winter Soldier seemingly uncredited. These are the kind of strategies tv shows use to hide spoilers. If he has the time to modify season 1 of Marvel, Episode 4 should only credit Brie Larson as Vers, not Captain Marvel since she hasn't taken that mantle yet and the audience doesn't know that she's called Carol.

I understand that this review might be pedantic, but I feel that since we're talking about splitting movies into a tv show format, all of the actual editing work goes into making opening/closing credits, previously on segments, and where to cut for most dramatic and logical sense etc. It's still a nice curio, but it's just shy of feeling like an actual tv show.

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Owner's reply January 16, 2023

Thank you very much for your review! It is greatly appreciated. I'm glad you generally liked the episodes you've seen, and I hope you continue to enjoy the series.

About the end credits:
Many current official productions credit all of their actors (and other workers) on all episodes, whether they appear in them or not, making the credits for the entire production, not episode-specific (plus, it has the benefit of that even if you have read on the internet which actors work in the production, you never know which specific actors are going to appear in each episode, and it is always a surprise). This is a fairly recent move as far as I know, but I like it and have followed it with no problem. You may not like it, of course, but it happens in real TV shows and there is nothing wrong with it.

On the other hand, the credits of the One-Shots are added to the end credits along with the others (it seems you didn't see them), so all the production workers are credited, just like in the original material.

In short, this part of your review does not conform to reality. And I'm glad, because a lot of your criticism is based on this topic, and it's not real, so I'm relieved. :)

On Yon-Rogg's deleted scene:
You're absolutely right about its redundancy, and I always thought it was a properly deleted scene, however there were some elements in the scene that I missed in the official cut (more Hala shots, earlier and better explanation of the Kree-Skrull war, etc.) so I finally decided to reinstate it. After all, it doesn't last that long. ;)

I take note of your other suggestions and thoughts, very interesting (I hadn't thought of the Winter Soldier or Carol/Vers credits issue :O).

Thanks again for your review, I really appreciate the feedback and I hope you update the text as you watch the rest of the episodes.


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