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(Updated: September 24, 2012)
June 12, 2012

Some stand-outs and a few disappointments, but overall I enjoyed watching the whole disc. Everyone clearly put effort into their edits, and I thank you all for that.
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(Updated: September 24, 2012)
June 1, 2012

Here’s the feedback I left in the forum not long after watching the disc all the way through.

1) A Psychogenic Fugue by Dwight Fry: I enjoyed the beginning of this one, but I got a little lost towards the end. I’m not very familiar with Lynch’s work or style though, so I put it down to that.

2) Mighty Mutants vs. The Magnetic Man by Rogue-theX: This was cool, I really enjoyed the credits at the beginning and was ready for the next chapter by the end.

3) Rise of the Kingpin by Phantom Stranger: A well done cross-over. I wondered how, if at all, the characters would interact. the payoff was well done.

4) Spider-man: The Dark Side by Mollo: I really enjoyed this one. A nice alternate take to the Spidey origin that had me cracking up laughing in places.

5) Blade: Man or Monster by The Magician: I’m not very familiar with Blade the series at all. This was well edited, and I wouldn’t mind checking out the rest of it now.

6) Cpt America: XXX by the Magician: I thought that the Magician had filmed the part with Hitler and the Red Skull himself before I realised the footage was from a porn spoof. Does this mean everyone who downloads the consecution has to go out and buy it?

7) Rejected by blueyoda: I nice selection of well executed ideas here. I don’t think I’ll be able to watch the sitcom scene from X-Men in it’s original form for a while without being reminded of this.

8.) Iron Blood by TMBTM: A really well done mash-up. Plenty of interaction between the different movies and great editing, what more can you ask for.

Bonus: I nice selection of extras from UA. I particularly enjoyed the Tenacious D/ Spidey clip. I near pissed myself watching it, very well done.

An extra shout out for the DVD menu design too, I like it and I think it fit the theme very well.
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(Updated: September 24, 2012)
May 15, 2012

*This rating was given before reviews were required*
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May 8, 2012

A Psychogenic Fugue (by Dwight Fry) – Very interesting edit. I am surprised how well the emo Peter Jazz Scene worked with the David Lynch style. I am glad that Dwight abandoned this one and I think the wait was worth it. 9/10

Mighty Mutants vs. The Magnetic Man (by Rogue-theX) – Another fantastic edit by Rogue. This made me want to see a full-length Mighty Mutants serial edit! 10/10

Rise of the Kingpin (by Phantom Stranger) – This didn’t really work for me. It’s a nice idea to mash up Daredevil and Punisher War Zone but the edit took a long time to set everything up and the payoff was a bit of a letdown. Sorry. 5/10

Spider-man: The Dark Side (by Mollo) – OMG nohedidn. 9/10

Blade: Man or Monster (by The Magician) – I was bored by this one, maybe it’s because I’m not a Blade fan. Also there was very noticeable pixelation. 6/10

Cpt America: XXX (by The Magician) – This was lame in such a great way. Hats off to you for taking the porn out of porn. 8/10 (there was some A/V sync issues but the entertainment level was high)

Rejected (by blueyoda) – This was pure gold! I loved every second of it. 22/10

Iron Blood (by TMBTM) – Excellent work, perfectly seamless. 10/10

Bonus videos (by Uncanny Antman) – Ahahahahahahahahaha. Loved ‘em, especially “Tenacious D Spidey”.

Trailer by TMBTM – Lynyrd Skynyrd for the win!

Overall I’m giving Marvel Consecution a 9/10. The best Consecution since Batman in my opinion.

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Reviewed by Gatos on May 10, 2012

So I’m not a huge fan of Consecutions but this one had some built up anticipation behind it.

I watched these all in one sitting. Here’s my review: (*usual disclaimer: nothing written below is meant as a personal attack on any editor. This is simply my opinion of the edits*)

1) A Psychogenic Fugue by Dwight Fry: I read the description that it was supposed to be like a Lynch film, well mission accomplished! The font used in the credits seemed very Lynchian (Lost Highway maybe? also the jazz part). And the end scene seemed like something out of Mullholland Drive. The opening was strong and a nice story was told. Well done! 9/10

2)Mighty Mutants vs. The Magnetic Man by Rogue-theX: Ummm, all kinds of awesome right out of the gate with those opening credits! My only complaint about this one, it was TOO short! It left me wanting to see the next chapter. 10/10

3)Rise of the Kingpin by Phantom Stranger: This was a pretty well executed fanedit. But not the most entertaining. Just my opinion. 7/10

4)Spider-man: The Dark Side by Mollo: Another very well executed edit. That spidey is one sick puppy! 9/10

5)Blade: Man or Monster by The Magician: This one had a bit of a technical issue. There was some pixelation at various parts of the movie. This one didn’t really grab me, blame it on Sticky Fingaz acting maybe! 6/10

6)Cpt America: XXX by the Magician: This also had a technical issue, there were some spots where the audio was out of sync. This was another one that didn’t really grab me. Porn acting is never spectacular so while initially it was kinda funny, it wore thin pretty quick.
*Props to the Magician though for the very cool “time lapse” news footage from key historical moments.* 6/10

7)Rejected by blueyoda: This one had me laughing during a great deal of it. The first X-Men idea was frigging great! 9/10

8)Iron Blood by TMBTM – Probably not fair to pick the “best” one out of any consecution (although we are rating them individually) but this is definitely it! Just a genius idea executed flawlessly. I had a grin on my face the whole time at the awesomeness of it. 10/10

The Extras were cool. The Hulk Intro was inspired, and the Tenacious D was a sneaky bit of editing!

Overall I give this consecution an 8/10. There are some real gems on here. And again, these ratings are just my opinion. I know a lot of work went into all of these and creating an interesting story and fitting it into a small amount of time is a tough task. So job well done to all the editors involved in this project!
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10 results - showing 6 - 10
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