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Shorts August 16, 2012 4851
Reviewed by Gatos on May 10, 2012

So I’m not a huge fan of Consecutions but this one had some built up anticipation behind it.

I watched these all in one sitting. Here’s my review: (*usual disclaimer: nothing written below is meant as a personal attack on any editor. This is simply my opinion of the edits*)

1) A Psychogenic Fugue by Dwight Fry: I read the description that it was supposed to be like a Lynch film, well mission accomplished! The font used in the credits seemed very Lynchian (Lost Highway maybe? also the jazz part). And the end scene seemed like something out of Mullholland Drive. The opening was strong and a nice story was told. Well done! 9/10

2)Mighty Mutants vs. The Magnetic Man by Rogue-theX: Ummm, all kinds of awesome right out of the gate with those opening credits! My only complaint about this one, it was TOO short! It left me wanting to see the next chapter. 10/10

3)Rise of the Kingpin by Phantom Stranger: This was a pretty well executed fanedit. But not the most entertaining. Just my opinion. 7/10

4)Spider-man: The Dark Side by Mollo: Another very well executed edit. That spidey is one sick puppy! 9/10

5)Blade: Man or Monster by The Magician: This one had a bit of a technical issue. There was some pixelation at various parts of the movie. This one didn’t really grab me, blame it on Sticky Fingaz acting maybe! 6/10

6)Cpt America: XXX by the Magician: This also had a technical issue, there were some spots where the audio was out of sync. This was another one that didn’t really grab me. Porn acting is never spectacular so while initially it was kinda funny, it wore thin pretty quick.
*Props to the Magician though for the very cool “time lapse” news footage from key historical moments.* 6/10

7)Rejected by blueyoda: This one had me laughing during a great deal of it. The first X-Men idea was frigging great! 9/10

8)Iron Blood by TMBTM – Probably not fair to pick the “best” one out of any consecution (although we are rating them individually) but this is definitely it! Just a genius idea executed flawlessly. I had a grin on my face the whole time at the awesomeness of it. 10/10

The Extras were cool. The Hulk Intro was inspired, and the Tenacious D was a sneaky bit of editing!

Overall I give this consecution an 8/10. There are some real gems on here. And again, these ratings are just my opinion. I know a lot of work went into all of these and creating an interesting story and fitting it into a small amount of time is a tough task. So job well done to all the editors involved in this project!
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