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A very strong collection of shorts, for the most part filled with creative and bold choices.

A Psychogenic Fugue - This is great stuff. The ability to turn Spiderman 3 into a moody abstract lynchian nightmare takes serious talent. Well done Mr.Fry 9/10

Mighty Mutants vs The Magnetic Man - Excellent. Rogue-theX truly is the most talented editor I have seen when it comes to re-creating the 'classic' look, including fonts, use of lighting, music - the whole deal. It somewhat breaks the illusion to see modern day special effects within such a framework, but it doesn't matter really. 9/10

Rise of The Kingpin - Nice mashup, but one of the weaker efforts of the bunch. The fight scenes from Daredevil are just terrible, so it doesn't help that a lot of the edit focusses on these battles. Still, technically it was quite well done. 7/10

Spiderman: The Dark Side - Excellent. Slight plot issue with the Bank already having been robbed by the time spidey shows up, but otherwise a really strong alternate universe take on Spiderman. 8/10

Blade: Man or Monster - Really strong, I actually enjoyed this more than the movies. The only plot issue I noticed was that baby Blade's bloody hand miraculously heals once he leaves home. But overall, this was Gory good times. 8/10

Captain America: XXX - I don't really know what to say about this one, except to state the obvious that the 'acting bits' are the worst parts of a Porn Parody... The audio transitions were also quite clunky, but maybe this was intentional? 5/10

Rejected - I long for the day when Blueyoda releases a feature length mashup and wins FEOTY by a record margin. His work here is genius, as per usual. 10/10

Iron Blood - Another mashup editor at the top of his game. Watching this back to back with Rejected was gold. Loved this one from start to finish (although I wish the mention of Myspace had been extracted...). Top quality work right here. 10/10

Extras - Uncanny Antman's work here is amazing. Loved the extended X-Men trailer, the brilliant mix of Billy Joel/Spiderman, and the 'inwards singing' was absolutely hilarious. 10/10

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