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An overall great consecution. I am flabergasted by the talent displayed.

A Psychogenic Fugue by Dwight Fry: Lynchean edit of Raimi's Spider-Man 3. Possibly my favorite short from this consecution. Very well executed, very moody (with amazing musical choices by Dwight Fry), very disturbing in all the right ways. Absolutely succeeds in giving a new dark, hallucinogenic spin to the movie we know. Not meant to be understood on a logical, conscious level.

Mighty Mutants vs. The Magnetic Man by Rogue-theX: Rogue has mastered the art of "retrofying" movies. This short proves his skills once again. Not only through his brilliant use of the digital tools available to us non-professionals (his attention to detail is uncanny) but, most importantly, through his ability to tell a compelling story.

Rise of the Kingpin by Phantom Stranger: Nice crossover between Daredevil and Punisher: War Zone.

Spider-man: The Dark Side by Mollo: A new, spectacularly twisted and perverted origin story for Spidey, based on Sam Raimi's Spider-Man 3. Great to see Mollo back after (too) long a hiatus.

Blade: Man or Monster by The Magician: Fun edit of an episode of the Blade TV series. My expectations were low, but the skillful editing sucked me in. Surprising debut by The Magician.

Cpt America: XXX by the Magician: I thought this was a short film that the editor had shot himself until I realized the footage was from a porn parody. Acting so bad, fights so awful, props so mediocre that I couldn't help but enjoy myself. Not sure what this says about The Magician's skills as an editor but I was definitely entertained.

Rejected by blueyoda: Being the editor of this one, I'll refrain from rating it but I will say that it was fun to make. Assembled from rejected ideas for fanedits that wouldn't have worked as features but in my opinion stand well as rapid-fire sketches.

Iron Blood by TMBTM: Rambo meets Iron Man in this great, cynical mashup. TMBTM proves once more that he is one of the best. Foutredieu, quel talent il a, cet homme!

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