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Shorts August 16, 2012 3745
May 8, 2012

A Psychogenic Fugue (by Dwight Fry) – Very interesting edit. I am surprised how well the emo Peter Jazz Scene worked with the David Lynch style. I am glad that Dwight abandoned this one and I think the wait was worth it. 9/10

Mighty Mutants vs. The Magnetic Man (by Rogue-theX) – Another fantastic edit by Rogue. This made me want to see a full-length Mighty Mutants serial edit! 10/10

Rise of the Kingpin (by Phantom Stranger) – This didn’t really work for me. It’s a nice idea to mash up Daredevil and Punisher War Zone but the edit took a long time to set everything up and the payoff was a bit of a letdown. Sorry. 5/10

Spider-man: The Dark Side (by Mollo) – OMG nohedidn. 9/10

Blade: Man or Monster (by The Magician) – I was bored by this one, maybe it’s because I’m not a Blade fan. Also there was very noticeable pixelation. 6/10

Cpt America: XXX (by The Magician) – This was lame in such a great way. Hats off to you for taking the porn out of porn. 8/10 (there was some A/V sync issues but the entertainment level was high)

Rejected (by blueyoda) – This was pure gold! I loved every second of it. 22/10

Iron Blood (by TMBTM) – Excellent work, perfectly seamless. 10/10

Bonus videos (by Uncanny Antman) – Ahahahahahahahahaha. Loved ‘em, especially “Tenacious D Spidey”.

Trailer by TMBTM – Lynyrd Skynyrd for the win!

Overall I’m giving Marvel Consecution a 9/10. The best Consecution since Batman in my opinion.

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