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The pacing is kinda weird, but that is caused by the source material, not much can be improved there.
I’ve noticed a few of the cuts but the overall quality is still high.

One thing I would have liked: for the story to focus more on Mars and less on Earth. I’m not talking about removing the Earth scenes, some are needed to move the story forward. But, e.g., many scenes of the IMSF Board Meetings could be cut or shortened. They bring nothing to the story (except for maybe 1-2 scenes) and, as they are right now, they just slow the narrative and are a bit of a nuisance to watch.

Another thing I’ve noticed (totally unrelated to the edit) is some of the actors are really weak, no emotion at all, it definitely worsens this story as a sci-fi drama (that doesn’t change my score for this edit of course, it’s all due to the original material).

For anyone wanting to experience the sci-fi story without the documentary attached, this does its job really well.

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