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I saw this Fanedit along time ago, and I didn't made a review
So, I'll make it now

Mars Attacks! is one of my fav childhood movies, I still enjoy it as an adult
Now, what I can say is that, this Fanedit is very clever
Giving more leadership to a character who was almost a wasted character until the end is not something that I see very often. I have to admit that all that subplots in the Theatrical release are not the big thing. This Fanedit fixes all the troubles that had the original film

Audio Video Quality: 10/10. I saw it in HD, and I don't regret it
Visual Editing: 6/10. Most of the dumped actors' characters are in the main titles, you should make a new main title, or just omit them, and let them for the end
Audio Editing: 9/10
Narrative: 10/10. As I said, I loved how clever is the narrative in this edit giving more leadership to secondary characters who barely has 10 scenes.
Enjoyment: 10/10

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Owner's reply July 11, 2014

Thank you for your review. I'm not really one to complain about ratings, but does the title sequence (which would be way too much work for me to even consider remaking, and features all the big name stars that do make at least cameos in my edit) really push you to give a 6/10 for visual editing?

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