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I remember when the original commercials played promoting MARS ATTACKS back in 1996, coming on the heels of Independence Day -- it looked like a wild ride and I soooooo wanted to like this movie. But when I finally saw it in the theatre, I left very disappointed. The original is a bloated mess of lunacy with no one at the rudder. There are moments of brilliant satire and humor, but often it is lost with Tim Burton going too far over the top, almost showing off without any regard to the audience's intelligence.

Reave's fan edit is a definite improvement over the original. The story is much more focused and better paced, and the humor plays stronger. It is still a lunatic of a movie. You definitely need to be in the right frame of mind to thoroughly enjoy it. I have often wondered if the madness ( and 1950s homages) would play better if the movie had been Black and White?

Technically, the fan edit is perfect. Perfect audio and video. Excellent cuts. In terms of entertainment, as remarkable as this edit is, some of the material still does not work for me. It a very uneven fare for me. But humor is very subjective. I still whole heartedly recommend this fan edit, especially for the hard core Tim Burton fans and lovers of campy schlock.

Thumbs up.
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