Marnie: The Evan Hunter Cut

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The next in my series of Hitchcock micro-edits, "Marnie: The Evan Hunter Cut" is an attempt to showcase the 1964 Sean Connery/Tippi Hedren thriller without the sexual assault scene between the two married lead characters which appeared in the source material, to which original screenwriter Evan Hunter (aka crime novelist Ed McBain) objected.

Hitchcock insisted upon including the scene, saying "Evan, when he sticks it in her, I want that camera right on her face."

Hunter pleaded with Hitchcock not to use that scene, which lead to Hunter's dismissal from continued work on the film.

Although Hunter is no longer credited as the screenwriter on the finished film, I was nevertheless curious to see how this still-controversial and divisive Hitchcock classic played without that particular scene.
While Hitchcock scholars will certainly find the rape scene of value due to its connection to the overall themes and motifs of Hitchcock's work, as a standalone movie it seriously hinders any sympathy the viewer might have for the film's male lead.
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Thanks once again to DigModification for support.
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I decided to lean into the abruptness of the excision by way of a smash cut from a door slamming to another character's reaction in a scene taking place a few days later.
Cuts and Additions:
Per Evan Hunter's suggestion to Hitchcock, I've removed the rape sequence, ending the scene of which it is part with a slammed door, smash cutting (somewhat cheekily) to another character excited that the protagonists' honeymoon has ended so soon. (I've also removed a sequence of a Marnie's suicide attempt that followed the rape.)

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