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I liked quite a lot Man of Steel but didn't like Batman V Superman.

I'm sorry to tell but this fanedit didn't do service to Man of Steel. It made (in my opinion) a very good movie only into a decent one. It seems there wasn't enough buildup for the invasion for example. It all happened so quickly. It's just as some poor citizen in the film asked "is it over?"... I felt the same way. It also suffered a bit from "all over the place" syndrom. Quite a few times I wondered "why did this scene appear just now?". I could still keep track on the movie, but it wasn't easy.

Zod was handled mediocore at best. He was so well done in the original movie but I didn't feel anything about him in this fanedit. He just appeared, fought and lost. I didn't care about him as a character. The same goes for Lois Lane, and her relationship with Superman. I don't think it was done well in the original movies but their relationship didn't make much sense in this fanedit either. There wasn't enough buildup in that area.

Obviously when editing two long movies into one, a lot of cutting is needed. I think the editor did fine job overall but once again I felt Man of Steel suffered a lot in the process. However it's worth mentioning that Batman V Superman was handled way better. Now that movie sucked originally and I feel the editor made it better. I only wished that he could have cut less Man of Steel and more Batman V Superman.

Very well done on audio editing. It sounded seemless between different cuts. Batman V Superman scenes might have had a tad higher volume but I might be wrong about that. I didn't go back to check it. And if it did, the difference wasn't that big.

The editor seems talented and all the scenes were technically cut very well.

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