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I can't add too much that hasn't already been said here, other than to say this is a masterful job by Willins. Narrowing the movie down to some of the key themes and good ideas that Snyder presented in otherwise bloated affairs could not have been easy.

The flashback to the tornado at the Kent farm as a metaphor for Superman's battle with Doomsday, in particular, was genius. To me this read as Superman feeling a familiar level of fear: not for himself but for the world's safety and ultimately that of Lois and Martha. This added element puts a fine point on disproving Batman's theory that Superman doesn't qualify as being brave due to being a superhuman.

The removal of Batman killing is always a welcome change and it was handled well in this edit. As a result, he still maintains a certain level of anger and brutality while staying in control of himself.

Something that hasn't been mentioned is how well Wonder Woman was handled. In this edit Diana lurks in the background, and we only see her in passing until she emerges as the cavalry in the film's climax. For me this heightened one of BvS's already brilliant moments.

Neither she nor Lex Luthor come into direct contact with Batman or Superman early in the film. For Lex this adds to the idea that he is a clever puppet master merely biding his time.

I strongly recommend this fanedit.

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