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Man Of Steel: The Ultimate Kryptonian Cut
January 25, 2015    
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How can I start? This is my first, proper review on FanEdit and I am thrilled. I will start by saying I have seen this fan edit long ago and is definitely one of the best I have seen until now. My premise is this: when I saw "Man of Steel" on DVD, I was definitely disappointed, as I hoped the film's cast and crew would bring the character in the same direction as Batman, having Nolan participate in the production. What of all things bothered me, though, was what I believed in "Man of Steel"'s potential sequences and foremost narrative, being able to deliver strong sequences and music which, although very loud, pretty strong, especially in some scenes.
I am glad to say I was right in this, and thanks to Samspider3 I have my go-to version of the film, now strong, and which raises each sequence's value and importance. The flashbacks are wonderful, and the perspective is strong. The film starts in a way, with the oil rig scene, which just blows the viewer away. I agree the plot hole of having Zod want Lois Lane on the ship for pretty much other than no reason was pretty creepy, as is having Lois say "I'll go", which, although kind of anonymous, it just flaws on the screenwriters. This was the only 'nitpick' I had, also having the editor remove all of that bloated and exaggerated actions scenes, which were especially overlong and pretty much pointless. Now the film has a reasonable length and is what you would expect going in theaters.
I do fear having the card read "Two years later" as well as having Lois Lane not knowing Superman's real identity will break continuity with the up and coming "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice", and, if it does... this will still be my preferred version of "Man of Steel". Stunning! Well done!

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