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A very good fanedit if I must say. I love how you restructured the flashbacks and narrative, and I love the transitions you added to the flashbacks, with the flashbacks audio playing in the previous scene right before they shows up, to signal a flashback.

I will say the big thing that bugged me with the fanedit though was how some of the cuts with Lois kind of made her a walking plothole. For no reason she seems to volunteer and is allowed to join Clark on the ship as a prisoner, and after the Smallville battle, she shows up at Clark's house, even though she doesn't know the truth about him. I think perhaps you should have left her knowing Clark's identity in.

A nitpick I also had is some scenes there seems to be some kind of screeching noise in the video, which should be fixed. The only other nitpciks with the film is in the intro, when the Superman symbol is shown, the water splashing is heard, and I felt it should have started with no water splashing and only started water splashing half way through. I know what sounds a bit silly to nitpick on, but it just bugged me.

Still, a good fanedit of Man of Steel.

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Owner's reply July 03, 2015

Thanks a lot for your review. I appreciate it because it was a project I put a lot of effort, especially being the first Fan Edit I worked on. Let me tell you, I found it has a little bit more of sense showing Lois being volunteer to join Clark in Zod's ship instead of that stupid thing of "we want this woman in the ship because we need something to make the story go forward". If you think about it, there is no reason at all to make Lois go to Zod's ship, it's not like Lois had some vital information or whatever, nobody questions her and nobody talks to Lois in the scene aboard Zod's ship. In the way I put it, it is a little bit more espontaneous.

Oh and about Lois going to Clark's house, after so much disaster and a car being thrown to the farm, you could assume she heard all the mess and went right to the place where it was happening.

The waves sound at the beginning was something I wanted to let because it was the first thing I imagined when i came up with the idea of making the Fan Edit and begin the film, and it was something I had in mind way before this movie was released on DVD.

However, I can understand the sound glitches. It's a problem I haven't fixed yet. I don't know why, whenever I put movies on my Sony Vegas, the glitches appear. I don't know how to fix it yet, but still searching. Thanks a lot for your review, it means a lot :D

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