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I'd like to add my 2c, though I basically agree with what jaycromer wrote in his review.

Except for the scene when Lois walks into the Kryptonian ship like she owns the place with little reason whatsoever, there are no hiccups I noticed. The storyline feels just right and as a real "movie" - in this state, I can recommend to everyone no matter how much of a Superman or Comic geek you are.

Actually, I'm surprised how much I like it as I felt the theatrical cut was just a confusing succession of explosions, more explosions and then even bigger explosions. While this might generate some enjoyment on the big screen, a movie needs more than dramatic music and "boom!" to be satisfying for a home release.

My only nitpick (yes, again) is the encoding quality. Other than the usual over-encoding of fanedits, preserving every pixel of grain, this one is flawed in the other direction. For a movie mainly consisting of action, a constant 2k encoding bitrate too low and there is noticeable blocking in fast movement. Come on people, it's not that hard to do - set x264 preset to "slower" and a rate factor around 20, and these problem would be gone for good :-)

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