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I will start my review by saying this is the first fan edit of a movie I only viewed once. I liked Man of Steel, but felt it was too flawed to bother watching my dvd again...kind of a waste of $20. Now this fan edit is going into my dvd case and it will get re-watched and shown to my friends.

The changes made in this edit fix almost all of my problems with the film. The narrative flows better, not perfect, but greatly improved over the original. Superman feels like the hero he is supposed to be. The action scenes now add excitement to the story, rather than overwhelm it with explosions and collapsing buildings. Jonathan Kent is a good, but worried father, instead of a jerk of who thinks his son should let his friends die. Lois Lane doesn't know Clark Kent, she only knows Superman. Again, this version just works better than the original.

The only part that stood out to me was when Lois Lane volunteers to go with Superman onto Zod's ship. Nobody asked her join and there's no reason the Kryptonians would have agreed to her going along. It wasn't a terrible edit, just a flaw that couldn't be removed entirely because of the original script.

This fan edit turned a disappointing movie into something I would watch again. I think this is exactly what a good fan edit should do.

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