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as usual samspider3 did it again
i have enjoyed all the fight scenes where superman doesnt seem to destroy building just for the sake of fighting especially the last battle with Zod.
The idea of superman taking a suit when he was needed was awesome.
The scene that i missed the most was the I WILL FIND HIM scene, which was removed, that scene was the define moment of Zod, seeing him self as hero and who had a purpose for his planet, in this edit, you dont get the feeling for him. i wish you would put it when clark ask " how did you make your way to earth"
Another scene was about flashback of krypton with the voice of jor el over it, it was kind of disturbing a little bit, it was like i didnt know where to focus, either his voice or the ongoing scene, but may be it was disturbing because i have seen the theatrical version.
About the smallville battle, i know the purpose was to make superman less destructive, but some scene like superman punching the kryptonian to the train explosion was to be left as it was, since later on we dont know where the train come from when thrown towards superman.
And lastly about jor el conscious, he was not suppose to have any memory after the key was put on the ship but thats just me picking too much.
Overall the edit was great.
FYI i have replaced all my theatrical versions of the amazing spiderman with yours

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