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I have watched this edit and it a good Firstling debut. The first half is very minimalist compared to the original.... Krypton is essentially gone and some plot/character intros may at first perplex viewers but all key information is revealed if one is patient and open minded. There are only two scenes that are weakened by this approach -- how Clark finds the Scout Ship/Fortress and the transition with Lois from the Pa Kent grave to the Daily Planet. The second half plays closer to the original but has many more subtle cuts which work very well.

Some really great audio work over all, though there are instances where it could have been slightly smoother or cleaner. Majority of cuts are smart and well executed.

As already noted, the opening narrative may surprise some viewers but the story moves at a brisk pace with most of the fundamental emotional moments still in place. This fan edit succeeds in the most important respect, it entertains! While it is not my preferred my cut and could use slightly more polish, as a Firstling project it is a strong release and I recommend it.

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