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Unfortunately, I really didn't enjoy this edit. I quite enjoyed the original version but admit I saw it a year or so ago so I will try and be as fair as I can with this review.

Negatives first,

The soundtrack was a mismatch. It just didn't fit in my opinion. It was nice to hear the classic theme songs and that but it just didn't keep with the pacing of the action and the emotion of the scenes throughout the movie.

The intro credits were too long and incredibly dated. Its understandable to want to reclaim that nostalgia and authenticity of the older films but again, it just didn't suit. I had realised I was messing around on my phone during the opening credits and that's not what you want really when trying to hold a viewers attention.

The first act felt rushed and incomplete. I felt like Clark becoming superman was literally thrown in our face too fast without any character development at all. Because of this rush, it removed a lot of other characters impacts during the film too. Clark learning to control his powers and even his adopted father dying were cut which heavily impacted my emotions when first viewing the film.

The positives,

I thought the colour correction was good. From a technical point of view I was very impressed. Although it never truly bothered me personally but I heard this was an issue for many.

The visual quality was very good. Both in editing and resolution.

End thoughts,

I have only recently got into watching fan edits, and maybe naive in saying this but I believe it will probably be better to only watch fan edits that you actually had strong issues with before hand. As I remember enjoying the original, I suppose this version felt inferior to me. I would advise anyone to watch for themselves. An opinion is only an opinion :)

Thanks to the editor anyway

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