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(Updated: October 21, 2015)
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Agent 9, thanks for truly improving on a movie. I had to get used to the John Williams score and to the switch to Antarctica, but in the end it all worked and you took me on a great new experience with this movie.
The beginning titles look great old style Superman, but are a bit long to watch. I am getting used to short titles and jumping into action. End titles are nice until the rolling credits come, which are stuttering and bad quality. Your edit deserves better.
At 1:34:34 the music switches to victory, before it happens on the screen. It's just about 3 or 4 seconds early IMO.
Nevertheless I give you the well deserved 10 score for creating the best fanedit I have watched in years.

Awesome idea:
In this Version the Codex is the Command Key. It is no longer in Kal'El's blood.

Incredible great fascinating super astonishing holy crap work:
Because of the Removal of the music, an entirely new 5.1 Dolby Digital track had to be redesigned. Which will include new Sound FX, new Ambiance etc.. while some Sound FX have also been replaced in order to enhance them, especially Superman's takeoff's.

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