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Audio/Video Quality: 8
Given how much effort Agent9 put into regrading this thing (With glorious success!), I thought it was a shame that it looks quite compressed. The filesize is too small for full 1080p HD encode IMO. This would have looked better at 720p perhaps, or up the filesize to exploit the full HD resolution.

Visual Editing: 8
The new credits look eye-meltingly fantastic. The regrading looks stunning. The editing is mostly flawless. Only a couple of moments stood out: The cut to Jorrel's face at the end of the mural talk (Was there a grading error here?) and the cut from the pod --> to the crashed spaceship. I think I already mentioned this in the ITW thread but cutting from one spaceship crash-landing at night, to a spaceship which has crashed in the day, naturally leads a viewer to think they are the same spaceship. It takes about 5 minutes before this confusion is cleared up.

Audio Editing: 10
Bloody genius! Don't get me wrong, I love Zimmer's score and his triumphant new theme but ooooh the feels having John William's score instead!

Narrative: 7
The narrative is stripped down and stramlined with mostly good effect but I really was not keen on the first act (Thankfully after that is over, it's near perfection for the rest of the runtime). For a fanedit to truly succeed it has to work as a movie in it's own right and I don't think this does. I'd be very surprised if somebody who had never seen MOS before could follow the first act (Sure it made sense to me because I've watched all the bits that were missing). Clark and Lois' relationship was sketchy in the original, here it's just gone. He never saves her life on the spaceship, so that bond is missing for a start. The look Cavill gives her in that moment made him Supes for me, so very sad that was jettisoned. Cavill gets 1 minute of screentime where he doesn't speak, 5 minutes of Russell Crowe explaining the plot to him and then he's suddenly Superman... hurray!...? I think? Who is this guy again? What does he stand for? He's just Superman, with no character building or introduction to get us behind him. As I say, after that opening portion the removals are really effective, so do stick with this edit because it pays off in the end.

Enjoyment: 9
I had my problems with the narrative as I've stated but the wonderful new score and impressive regrading more than make up for that. This doesn't replace the original for me but it is a cut that every Superman fan should have on the shelf next to MOS. It's a totally different exciting experience. Very much recommend!

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