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My very basic review of this would be "thank you". I'm extremely grateful for this cut.

Man of Steel was a near-miss for in in theaters, and I just knew there was a great Superman movie in there somewhere. The cuts make sense (and eliminate so much of that on-the-nose Goyer dialogue and needless subplots) from a storytelling standpoint, the movie seems to move a hundred times faster with the improved pacing, and the color regrading was fantastic. Characters are much smarter, scenes get to the point, and a lot of the unneccessary (albeit very cool) scenes are removed. I do wish there was a way to get rid of the piece of dialogue from Pa Kent ("Should I have let them die?" "....maybe.") because that just seems so out-of-character, with how we've all grown up with him as Clark's confidant and guide through his early years, but other than that this is so, so good. I'm hoping this edit doesn't create any sort of continuity inconsistencies with BvS, but I'm optimistic any of those would be very minor. It's amazing how something as relatively subtle as restoring the classic John Williams score can turn a flawed movie on its head.

Outstanding, just great work overall. This is going to be in my regular rotation for sure. Congrats and thank you!

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