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The video editing is top notch and the audio creation Agent 9 undertook is inspiring. I was skeptical of this edit as I absolutely LOVED Hans Zimmer's score, but I found myself smiling and having fun when Superman knelt down for his initial flight and John William's familiar theme cued.

The video looks great for a 5 gb mp4 file. The color correction is spectacular. Any chance of getting a color corrected Man of Steel original?

The audio was a little jarring at first. The center track sounded rough and lifeless, but was tolerable. I'm impressed with the isolation that you were able to achieve as this is a music driven story. I found that the removal of Hans Zimmer's score actually made some of the ridiculous cgi fight scenes more tolerable. Perhaps because it was sooo much better than the video linked to the 80's music source? Who knows? I only noticed one time when Zimmers' score could be heard when Superman began to rise up in the world engine's gravity well. Other than that it was great.

The narrative felt rushed in some places, but this is a supplemental edit, and movie for that fact. We know how he gets there, we know where he grew up, it's ok to fast forward to him becoming Superman. I liked Lois Lane more in this edit also because of the change of narrative.

I thoroughly enjoyed this edit of Man of Steel. It has brought a breath of fresh air to a movie that I had hoped was better, but still enjoyed. Great job Agent 9! Perhaps a similar treatment for the dark knight series using the 60's tv show camp? :)

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