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This was a fun edit. :)

Agent 9 has recut Man of Steel using the original Donner's Superman The Movie as a template, and replacing the Hans Zimmer soundtrack with the classic John Williams score.

And for the most part he is very successful.

The cut work is very good, the biggest cuts being the Krypton prologue and young Clark's flashbacks, along with a restructuring of Clark's finding of the Fortress and meeting of Lois. I enjoyed all these changes. It moves the story along faster, Clarks has a more mysterious quality, we learn about him through Lois's point of view and any information lost during the Krypton sequence we learn during Jor-el's education of Clark. In fact, I actually wish more had been cut. In particular, I think the entire Smallville battle could have been cut once Zod departed without significant impact on the narrative and I do wish the Metropolis destruction could have been trimmed even more than Agent 9 had, but I applaud all the clever cuts he did make.

But the real star of this edit is the soundtrack replacement. Agent 9 did exceptional work in this department! BRAVO!!! For the most part, the audio work is seamless and adds a very uplifting, nostalgia quality to the film.

However, there were times where I felt the Superman theme was used too often. There were points where it felt repetitive or too soon or an alternate, more subdued track or cue would have been more appropriate. It was almost too much of a good thing.... it sort of highlighted how these are films of very different era's and how the interpretation of the hero has changed, and the soundtrack did not always quite fit the way one would hope it would.

But overall, this was a very positive alternate viewing experience and I highly recommend it.


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