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I firmly believe this is the closest someone is going to get at making Man of Steel feel like a real Superman movie. The music and color adjustments are surprisingly effective and really work with the style and the movie. It feels more fun, more thrilling, and less dour. I really enjoyed the film this way.

I have a small gripe, but it's one that I think may have been unavoidable. Because of the way you've set the film up, starting with Lois' point of view, we don't really get to know Clark at all before he gets on the ship and receives his suit. This feels a bit jarring for me, as I don't feel that we get to see Clark "earn" the suit. He basically becomes Superman 10 minutes after we saw Krypton explode. It's honestly a pretty big problem for the first half of the film, but it's also one I'm not sure you could've fixed. Perhaps some of the scenes of young Clark happening at the beginning of the film?

Overall: Great pacing, incredible work on the music replacement, a colorful, fun and exhilarating film, and a huge improvement over the original. Great job!

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Owner's reply October 02, 2015

Thank you spence. I was really trying to make this movie what it felt like to watch Superman as a kid, fun and exciting and I'm glad you enjoyed it.
I too think that I rushed to the Superman, and no earning of the suit - I can't disagree with you. I tried a few different things to change that, and actually this cut is V.12. One of my originals starts on a flashback and tried to keep some of the other sequences etc etc.. But when it's all said and done, I just didn't like the way it played out. The oil rig scene - there's nothing to get him out of the water, the school flashback just wasn't a big fan of the whole scene.. I did try to change this, but because I cut the a lot of whats going on on Krypton out, I also wanted this scene in there to give you more explanation as to what happened..

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