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(Updated: March 14, 2023)
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It's an interesting experiment, but I can't help but feel like it's a bit of a mismatch.

The color correction job is phenomenal, the brighter hue being easier on the eyes overall compared to the original's teal green. Thea ctual audio editing is commendable, there are spots where you can hear the original Zimmer score but I was shocked at how thorough the dialogue separation was. The music added is reasonably integrated, Williams' Superman score and parts of Ottman's Returns score used in mostly appropriate contexts (though some parts like Superman and Lois holding hands in the desert could have used silence. and the score would randomly appear). The restructured narrative works just fine and removes some dumb parts from the original, and I'll admit it was awesome to see the new opening credits delivered like that.

All that being said, the biggest issue with the edit is that the Williams score doesn't really fit the movie all too well. Zimmer's score fit with what Snyder was trying to accomplish, this more somber and darker take on the Superman mythos (I don't think it was good but that's beside the point), but the Williams music is too classical and plain heroic to fit seamlessly into this particular movie The direction style, the aesthetic, the writing, it wasn't made with the WIlliams music in mind and it shows clear as day during the entire Superman vs Zod battle. The music is just nowhere near as fist bumpingly intense as it needed to be in order to match, and it feels especially strange to hear the romantic Superman/Lois song blare the scene right after Superman snaps Zod's neck. It's not a bad edit by any means, I recommend this as an experiment to see how different it feels in comparison to the original, but I can't say it's "better" in my opinion.

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