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Until I watched MoS Remastered I considered 'Star Trek: Vengeance' to be the last word in fanfixes. After watching it I have a new ideal.

What can I say about this superlative edit that can possibly do it justice? It has taken a film I quite honestly despised and made it into something that I can love with all of my heart. The fixes are absolutely perfect, from the re-framing of the narrative, to the regrade, to the masterful inclusion of the original John Williams score which embodies Superman for people of my generation.

Technically this is also a fanmix I was delighted to note, as Brandon Routh makes a brief, but important appearance to save some residents of Metropolis and give our hero some heroic qualities which were sadly missing in the original Snyder cut. Those little scenes make a huge difference to the way you perceive the Man of Steel, showing that amongst all the violence and destruction, he still cares about the little folk and will do everything he can to protect them.

Not everything can be saved by editing. Jonathan Kent is still an a-hole who thinks his son should have left a bus load of kids to drown because the world would reject his true self, but at least his ridiculous self-sacrificial death scene has been cut. It's always galled me that they got the perfect man to play Clark's father, then took a hatchet to his character and made him into an oracle of fear and mistrust. The real Jonathan Kent would have trusted his son to do the right thing no matter what and would have had enough faith in humanity to know that they would accept his son as the good man he was always destined to be. The man Jonathan Kent raised him to be.

This is no fault of the fanedit though, just bad writing.

By the end of this movie I was cheering on Henry Cavill's Superman as he saved the day and felt genuinely emotional at the credits. What a marked contrast to my bewildered ennui at the close of the original.

Only minor downside is some minor technical faults in the encoding. There are some scenes where the grain becomes distracting and a couple where the sky is quite blocky. It's an easy fix and one I'll make for my own personal copy, but it is literally the only thing that isn't perfect about this movie. Barely even worth mentioning really.

This is one seriously amazing fanfix and I cannot recommend it highly enough for people who found the Snyder cut ponderous and joyless. The addition of the seriously underrated Routh as Superman is really just the icing on the cake for me, making this my new favourite fanfix by some margin.

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