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As can always be expected from Avid4D, this was a really well-done edit. It made for a fresh experience with this film. Unlike many here, I did not have an issue with the flashbacks used in the original film, so I would not necessarily say that this version improved on the original, but it certainly didn't detract from it, and it made for an excellent way to revisit the film. That being said, I still have many issues with this film due to the complete disregard for Superman lore, but the point of this edit was to reorder the narrative, not repair the canonicity. And Avid4D most certainly succeeds with what he set out to do, as he always does. Thanks very much for this film. Oh, and one other reviewer said that he felt that the beat-up at the garage scene was unnecessary. I completely disagree. That scene was important as it featured Jonathan teaching Clark a valuable life lesson, and asking him what kind of man he wanted to grow up to be (a shining moment for Man of Steel's depiction of Jonathan Kent, who also thinks that Clark should let kids die, but I'll refrain from further ranting about that here). Anyway, well done film. Though I'd have to say, I'm a bigger fan of your The Superman trilogy. Anyone looking for more excellently done Superman edits, check out Avid4D's The Superman trilogy. The Superman of Krypton is a little slow, but the trilogy as a whole is superb and is definitely worth watching.

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November 05, 2014
"Thanks very much for this film. ... Well done film."

It's not like Avid4D made the film.
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