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This was a fantastic edit, not once did I notice any awkward cuts. The restructured narrative was perfect, it made the connection to Clark a lot more evident. I actually cared during the action scenes even tho I still felt they went on a little too long especially with all the product placement distracting me and making me burst out laughing. I actually had no problems with the opening fading in and out to Superman's birth, I actually thought it was very well executed and helped set the tone of the film. I was really excited when I saw the trailers like a lot of people but left the theater disappointed. The theatrical version of 'Man Of Steel' was average at best, and after watching the hilarious 'Red Letter Media' review of it, they made me realize even more of its problems and I began to start hating it. The main problem with this film is the way the narrative is handled and this edit perfectly fixes these problems. The film went from a 4/10 to me to a strong 7.5/10. I still have a lot of minor issues that I hope a future edit resolves, but overall this is my go to version and should be a sort of blueprint for any future editor trying to improve on it anymore.

I'll include my issues, in case anyone is interested. I still think some of the action could have been trimmed even more, it still felt too excessive. The product placement was still very noticeable and still very laughable to the point of effecting my emotional interest. It shouldn't be too difficult to remove shots here and there of IHop, Sears, and 7/11, without effecting the narrative and flow of things, or at least keeping them out of focus.

My last point is not really an issue but more so a recommendation for a future edit. I personally believe that the John Williams score could actually be implemented slightly during certain scenes to give the film a more heroic feeling, even tho I think the Hans Zimmer score is more appropriate overall. I'm also interested in any attempt to color correct the film to lighten it up a bit. I don't mind the dark world Superman lives in, but I would at least like the film not to hit me over the head with the drowned out colors and bleakness of it.

Once again great edit, One of the best I've seen. I hope to see more great edits from you in the future.

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