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A vast improvement over the original, this edit transforms Man of Steel into a more complete and fulfilling Superman experience. Subtle changes improve the character of Clark/Superman and re-arranging the scenes of Krypton and Clark's youth allow us to feel more a part of his journey. Using scenes from other movies (which are added seamlessly), this edit includes a new introduction of Superman to the world, with different repercussions. I found that the restructuring and additions, without all of the strings attached to Batman v. Superman, really let you experience Clark's side of the story in a different light. This added investment in the character and the story lead to a much more meaningful and powerful confrontation with Zod.

An Ideal of Hope works very well as a standalone Superman movie but hints at a larger world without trying to stuff it all in one movie. It implies that Superman has been in action for some time, references Luthor, and hints of budding romance with Lois - this is the version I wish I saw in theatres. Due to borrowing scenes from Batman v. Superman, there are some continuity issues with the other DCEU movies but the result is thoroughly satisfying and entertaining - I can't recommend it enough.

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