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Man of Steel: A Symbol of Hope
October 29, 2017    
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So, I used to love Superman when I was a child. I was never introduced to Superman by the comics. My first introduction to Superman was through the classic films. Then I grew up and I have come to hate Superman. I hate how his powers make no sense, I hate how overpowered he is. I liked Batman a lot. The Dark Knight trilogy's exploration of a superhero has fascinated me for quite a while. And then I saw Man of Steel. It was an okay film. I liked the darker iteration they were going for even if it came of as a bit cheap right after the dark knight trilogy. It did not make me like Superman though, and it was forgettable. A mere formality to step into the DCEU.

This fan edit tweaks small things to surprising effect. The color, oh my God the color. It brings life to the film. The adjustments make Superman humble with all the power he has. His beginning makes sense to me. The music, WHY THE HELL DID THEY NOT HAVE THE ADDED SOUNDTRACK IN THE FIRST PLACE :P It gives awe and heart to certain moments. This is the definitive way to experience Man of Steel in my opinion. After all, it made me like Superman again.

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