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(Updated: October 20, 2018)
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I'm not a big fan of superhero movies, and I dislike how they factory like produce them nowadays without much effort or heart put into the movies. I however do like the DC comics animated movies and I think Man of Steel is my favorite superhero movie. It's just so epic. So yeah, I did like the original quite a lot and felt it didn't need much changing. Now this fanedit should suit me and I must say that it does indeed.

The biggest thing to notice is the colors. The movie looks stunning! The original colors never bothered me that much but after seeing this one the movie came alive in more ways than ever. Everything looks so nice and... well, heroic? :)

The music editing was really good as well, I liked it. I never felt the movie really needed it as the sountrack is amazing but it does work. It just got a bit repeatitive towards the end. The audio is in stereo by the way and it may bother people who have 5.1 setup but I like stereo so it didn't bother me.

Lois Lane was quite annoying in the original version. In this one she's better. She's still quite boring and shouldn't have that much screen time. But this fanedit made her character better nevertheless.

Many of the little changes like Jonathan Kent dying were handled well.

This fanedit was very enjoyable indeed and I don't feel need to watch the original version any longer. Good job!

Edit: After watching this fanedit couple of times I think the narrative points being 10 was a bit too much. The problem is deep rooted in Man of Steel. The pacing just isn't that good. The action should be spread throughout the movie. Nevertheless, great fanedit and it improved narration quite a bit still.

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