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Man of Steel has never looked so beautiful. If there's one comment I can make in this review that means more than anything else, it would be that one. TM2YC took a movie that was so poorly graded and dull looking and turned it into a vibrant and well rounded visual beauty. Everything in this movie from the shots to the costume looked absolutely wonderful only for an ugly coat of paint to ruin that, and TM2YC has basically repainted this new film into one of the prettiest superhero movies of the modern era. The new look alone makes this movie a lot less boring to watch.

As for the cut itself, it is definitely an improvement over the original. While some cuts of Man of Steel opt to cut 20+ minutes out of the film to improve the pacing and reduce the bloat, this cut tries more to take a look at the film as it is and fine tune the flaws. With only 9 minutes cut, this isn't a new vision of Man of Steel's story. Rather, it is very much the version of this story that we wanted to see put on the screen in theaters. Along with the color grading, several small touches like cutting out the overabundance of unnecessary language, removing Lois's scream of terror and pain, changing the opening shot, and removing Clark's yell at the end help to make this version of the movie a lot less mean spirited than the one we saw in theaters in 2013.

Man of Steel has always been a movie that either bored or angered me, but this cut has finally showed me a fine tuned version of Snyder's vision that I can appreciate and enjoy. It is amazing that removing several bad moments and regrading the film can help you to not only enjoy those elements being gone, but also find more joy out of the characters and story that have been there since the beginning. Much like TM2YC's Ghostbusters fanedit, this is a cut that can very easily replace the theatrical version and not just feel like a good fanedit, but a professional and superior edition of the movie. My only small complaint is that some of the score gets reused a little too much in this version, but that also can help to create a bit more of a consistency of theme across the film. This feels like a perfect start to the DCEU, closer in tone to the likes of Wonder Woman and (hopefully) Justice League.

After watching and thoroughly enjoying this cut, I'm curious to see what TM2YC would be able to pull out of the even messier sequel, BvS. I'm not keeping my fingers crossed, though, as I know this edit was already a tremendous undertaking and BvS would require even more hard work to pull out such a masterfully fine tuned and remastered version of the film. The highest praise I can give this edit is that it is now my definitive go to edit of MoS, and I hope to some day find a BvS edit that can follow it well and fit into a better DCEU.

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