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Overview - Maniac, the bad boy of FanEdit delivers a brutal black and white version of “Fury Road.”
A handful of slower sections have been removed, as have been reams of dialogue.
As always with this editor, the final product is a sandstorm of mayhem.

Video - 1920 X 1080 AVC. Black and white, to my eye better contrasted than the DVD release. Little of the night scenes remain. Good editing throughout, though fairly brisk which amps the tempo. Probably too many fadeouts for my liking. Understandable with a rookie editor, but Maniac is more seasoned and should have dispensed with this crutch.

Audio - 157 kbps AAC 2 Channel stereo. The editing is excellent Aww, man, this is a film that begs for 5.1. Plus, at 157 kbps this seems pretty low res. Inclusion of Eno makes an intriguing choice.

Narrative - This holds together, more or less. A few of the quieter passages did contribute to character development and relationships. None of that here. Furiosa and Max begin and end as strangers. Other relationships are glossed over or omitted. Maniac could have done handled those better, or given viewers a breather here and there.

As a B-film, however, and these are Maniac’s specialty, this excels. No wasting time, no thinking, no seconding guessing by protagonists. If you want stunts and crashes, black smoke and knives, this is the edit for you!

Enjoyment - Yeah, this is a good late night ride, especially if you just want to listen to roaring engines and watch clouds of dust. With this edit, you don’t have to fast forward through “plot stuff” to get to the bloody meat.

I applaud many of Maniac’s edits, though not all. This is the sort of edit I encourage him to do more of. He is an asset to FanEdit, certainly one of the most prolific editors. I hope others give this a look and comment, if possible. To my mind, he mines some questionable fare, but he also seems to get baited more than others. The way of our current world, I suppose. Just my 2¢.

Can’t wait to see Maniac’s Revenge edit!

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