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Exploitation films are perfect for fanedits. Most of them are chopped up, rearranged and censored as is, and I have seen many impressive recontructions. Many modern "exploitation throwback" type films are terrible, though. They mimic some of the style, but pull their punches when it comes to content.

Machete was alright, but as Gieferg says, I too felt there was something missing. It didn't live up to its trailer. This version is undoubtably superior, the quality of the audio and video is good and the film grain and scratches are well applied. The choice of trailers at the begining was good. Nude Nuns with Big Guns is a rare worthwhile modern explotation film. Run Bitch Run (09), Halfway House (04) and Jailbait (14) are also good btw.

The visual editing was excellent. Special note should be taken of the almost seemless integration of trailer scenes into the film. The audio editing was good as well, a well chosen group of songs applied well.

My only real critiques are almost just a matter of taste: Robert Rodriguez has a good visual sense, but his writing is sometimes left wanting. Characters often say in three paragraphs what should only take one and sometimes plot information given is redundent or unneeded. The restoration of certain deleted scenes was good overall, but I feel some of it could have been trimmed more. Not to spol anything, but there is a point at which a certain scene goes out of focus and then the 4th wall is broken to transition past it, I think "Out of focus -> "Reel Missing" message might have done the job better. Just my own taste.

Overall a great fanedit. I truly think more "grindhouse' style fanedits are needed and I hope the series continues. On that note, I might suggest a 'sword and sorcery' edition at a later date? "Deathstalker' may be the gold standard, but 'Barbarian Queen' is good too. Its sequel is very similar in plot and cast, perhaps lending itself to combination as could be Amazons (86), Sorceress (82) or even Golden Temple Amazons (86) Just a suggestion!

Thank you again for all your hard work!

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