Machete Sharpened

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More fun, more action, more blood, with a little touch of absurd.
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With added grindhouse effects, lots of re-scoring, deleted scenes restored and additional sequences created with footage from other movies, this version of "Machete" is meant to deliver a little more fun than original, theatrical version. Watching while not completely sober may be advised.
To make the movie a little closer to it's fake trailer's feel.
It's also a fanmix experiment - an exercise in editing, and repurposing existing footage.
Other Sources:
Additional footage from: Driven to Kill (2009), The Keeper (2009), Urban Justice (2007), Kill Switch (2008), The Final Destination (2009), Last Action hero (1993), Postal (2007), Grindhouse (2007), The Sopranos, Ghost Cabin (2015), trailers of Frontera (2010) and Jack's Law (2006), music videos - Angel in a Blue Jeans (2014) and Lindsay's Private Party (2009).

Additional music by The Rolling Stones, Eric Clapton, AC/DC, Del Shannon, The Black Keys, John Fogerty, The Supersuckers, Weird Al Yankovic, Bob Seger, Alex Puddu, The Centurians, The Tornadoes, The Upstroke, ZZ Top, Michael Jackson, Morton Stevens and Steven Seagal, also included theme from Red Dead Redemption II.
Release Information:
Cuts and Additions:
- Cut some scenes with senator McLoughlin (TV spots, his second death).
- Cut part of the first and whole second scene with "smart bodyguards"
- some more minor cuts here and there
- re-scored big part of the movie
- added layer of thick grain and grindhouse effects to whole movie (dirt, scratches, dust and other damage).
- added 6 of 8 deleted scenes from the Blu-ray (characters of Sis and McCoy are restored in this cut)
- added newly created flashback sequence
- added some scenes with Steven Seagal from his other movies (see other sources)
- added mid-credits scene
- some additional nudity
- used some shots from fake trailer (2007)
- added blood effects in few shots
- added SFX to rebuild some of the rescored scenes and in several other places.

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This is a fun alternative to the original Machete. Great to see the deleted scenes seamlessly added and appreciated the new scoring. The stated purpose of this I think was to watch more nudity while drunk, and it delivers. The added Steven Segal footage was done well although it was random sex and violence not really connected with the main story. My God I didn't realize he made so many movies while being quite a bit on the heavy side. The soft color grade of one scene where Segal is about to have sex didn't really quite match up visually with the rest, though it was not jarring.

Blood VFX were well placed and done, not sure what was the editor's blood VFX vs the original, so hat's off to you, sir. The movie theater VFX in the middle of the edit were a tad wonky with the motion tracking not staying right where it was supposed to be. That whole fourth wall breaking stuff where we leave the movie to see it being played in a theater wasn't my cup of tea.

While I really enjoyed this crazy, extra-grindhoused edit, I still do prefer the original. Now if the new porno scene and the extra Segal scenes were removed, this edit would be a huge improvement over the original theatrical version (in my opinion). The added score, blood VFX, deleted scenes, screen dirt FX, and cuts alone are enough to make it better than the original. This is a fine job though can't say I will be showing this version to my mother.

Oh, and one thing I always wished someone would put back into a Machete edit but has not done it yet:
restore Jeff Fahey's performance from the movie trailer when he's screaming that Machete is a "goddamned Federale!" In the theatrical version he's says it so wimpy it's disappointing. But this edit is not! It's quite good check it out while imbibing.

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