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First I want to say thank you for your hard work that brought us this entertainment!
I must admit that Adam Dens' "Hobbit: The Original Two-Film Structure" was my go-to version of the Hobbit films, but this one finally takes the cake! :)
I never really could get into the original versions, neither the theatrical, nor the extended cut, but this edit stays at the core story without any compromise: Bilbo's story, and the interwoven dwarfs storyline. Anything else is cut, if it does not further the main story. What is really interesting about it is that none of the other stuff is missing. No Radagast, almost no Azog, no Necromancer, no Tauriel, etc. are in the movie anymore and in hindsight, this removes all of the artificial bloating of the original movies. There are really enough good scenes and story arcs available just sticking to Bilbo's and the dwarfs' journey, which we only found out thanks to M4's eagle eyes and merciless cuts.
There is a lot more that was edited (see change list) that I do not want to comment on here. But the color scheme and the edits (visual AND audio) blend in very well. The story and entire movie feel very fresh and more serious and real and seem like an anti-modern-Hollywood statement: quality over quantity, story over jokes and special effects.
I wished many more movies would follow this scheme as it would prevent fan editors having to work forever to "correct" a movie based on their likings, which turns out to be the liking of so many others too ;)

I encourage everyone to watch this edit as it is a diamond and almost makes me like this movie now more than the original LOTR movies (pardon the sacrileg) :)

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