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It has always been a pet peeve of mine that they split the Hobbit into three films as it clearly reeked of ‘’we’ve gotta make money so were splitting this story into three and were going to add stuff to it that’s not even in the book just so we can pad the runtime and fill our money pool’’ so naturally when I came upon this edit I was overjoyed that someone had undertaken the task of digitally stitching the three movies together well casting most of the unnecessary fluff back into the fiery chasm from whence it came.

The Intermission is well placed and the duration of said intermission gives the audience enough time to either grab some beverages, go to the lavatory or engage in some intellectual discussion on the films events, themes and cinematography and whatever purpose the audience has chosen to fulfil and has fulfilled during said intermission they will likely be more than ready to resume the rest of there viewing of this masterful craft as it seamlessly transitions into The Desolation Of Smaug.

This edit is honestly impossible to fault and I do not say this out of blind praise in fact I literally went over it several times to see if I could find any faults weather they’d be on the narrative or technical side of things though my intention of seeking any faults was not out of the desire to look for stuff to complain about but rather so that I could give an honest and fair review of this edit as I am one of those reviewers who do not just toss out perfect 10’s lightly as such results as to why I consider an edit to be perfect are either given out of careful consideration or simply because I struggle to find any imperfection with an edit.

Other than being more faithful to the source material I loved how you altered the films picture quality to match more closely with the Lord Of The Rings as for me it not only improves consistency but makes the world I am looking at feel more natural as just looking at it made me feel as if I were there breathing in the various airs of the many locations that the company traversed during there journey, I wish I had gotten to see this version of the film at the Cinema instead of the one’s that were actually shown but noooope they had to split em because ‘’money’’

This is definitely my go to version of the films or in the case of this edit film from now on as I no longer have to experience the frustration of one film ending at a critical moment just to force me to eject the disc, place it back in it’s case, get up, reach for the next case, put that disc in and than walk all the way back to the sofa only to have to repeat these steps again when The Desolation Of Smaug ends. Or alternatively since I watched the Digital Version of your edit I no longer have to undergo the tedious task of going There and Back Again with my trackpad cursor.

Now it is just one file and one click greatly reducing the risk of Repetitive Strain Injury or simply RSI.

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Owner's reply January 03, 2022

Thank you for the review pedantic-contrarian :) I like your name haha. I really appreciate all the kind words. I did put a lot of work into the polishing phase of this fan edit (basically a year) so I'm glad you noticed (or rather, you didn't notice any editing stick out)! Have a happy new year mate

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