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Ah Prometheus, I have such mixed feelings about you. I remember being really excited for Ridley Scott to make another Alien movie, no matter how much he and the studio lied, saying it was NOT connected to Alien. The trailer was pretty awesome, had some solid stars in it (Michael Fassbender, Charlize Theron, and Idris Elba), and the trailer music was freaky cool! But then the movie came out and it was... fine, I guess. The characters make nonsensical decisions, Guy Pierce looks awful in old man makeup, and the engineers are just bizarre. Also having it be ANOTHER planet was really REALLY stupid. But thankfully The Man Behind The Mask decided to try and fix up what he could and tie this in better with the rest of the Alien series.

First off, editing the movie to omit any reference to this being a different planet was SMART. I mean we've got the engineer pilot with the chestburster EXACTLY like in Alien. You're telling me that's on a different planet? GTFOutta here! Good fix. The decision to make this in black and white was a bold move. At first I was kind of put off by it. Like the film quality is really high so being in black and white didn't make it seem like an older film. But given about 10-15 mins I started to like it a lot. I realized it helped desaturate against a lot of the excess color in the original cut while giving it it's own (non) color palette feel like how Alien was muted yellows and white (cool), Aliens was deep blues (sweet), Alien 3 was industrial molten steel red (umm, what?), and Alien: Resurrection was lime green (yeesh). So good on you for that!

The rest of the edit is a mix of fixing the character motivations, taking out excess engineer scenes with no true value, and keeping the pace going. I really like what was possible given the available footage. If I had my choice I'd prefer to recast some people (like discount Tom Hardy with yknow REAL Tom Hardy), rewrite half of the script, and have the spaceship NOT roll and crush Charlize Theron who should have JUST GONE TO THE SIDE LIKE 3 FEET... but beggars can't be choosers :) This is the best cut of Prometheus out there. Someone get it to Ridley Scott ASAP so he can fix whatever he's done with Alien: Covenant before it's out in theaters.

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Owner's reply April 01, 2017

About the argument about "they should have gone to the side" when the ship was rolling behind them. Well, in fact there's a shot where Shaw and Vickers DO run to the side.
BUT he ship also rolls the same way, so visualy it's not super clear for the audience.
Plus on each side of the ship there are big elements on fire falling down like bombs, so it's not super engaging to change course...

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