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FanMix January 03, 2021 3597
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It almost wierd how the songs and style of Love, actually fits to these three films. The contrast of song and visuals has wierd undescribable style. I love so, so much ending and begininng montages. Overall it's really great and I really enjoyed it. It's so random idea and I have no idea why it works. I haven't seen much Fanmixes, but this is propably the best i have seen yet. It has kinda end of the year/world kinda vibe. I have two little complains, which I don't know if they are fixable. I kinda feel wierd about the dream "pig cop" sequence in In the Mouth of Madness. I get it's a fake-out scare and it's memorable scene, but it just kinda threw me of. Also I kinda miss the restaurant scene from that film, but I get why it's cut. Second and unfixable complain is camera-work in The Mist - it's completly different from those other two. A lot of shakey cam instead of slow dolly of the others. But those are just a minor complains, at the end I really love it and I would recommend it.

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