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Lovecraft Actually is a very fun way to watch In the Mouth of Madness, Deep Rising and The Mist all at the same time, whilst also breathing new life and themes into each movie. Using In the Mouth of Madness as a basis for the events that unfold in each movie, Job Willins has crafted a spectacular horror movie treat for all to enjoy. The music choices, and their respective placements, are perfect and never once felt out of place. The way Willins has connected the three movies is downright masterful. It really seems like this was a theatrical release put out by a studio. My only criticism is that In the Mouth of Madness does get tossed to the side in a few areas of the movie but overall the way the narrative plays out is great. The religious themes really transform all three of these movies into something else. While they were always present in both In the Mouth of Madness and The Mist, the way that each movie is interwoven together really sells the idea that "maybe this is an act of God" (revenge)... Or maybe it isn't and there is no god, or maybe God has abandoned our poor protagonists. I don't know, but what I do know is that I thoroughly enjoyed this edit and it's another great project from the mind of Job Willins.

Definitely check this one out when you have the time, it's a rollercoaster of a ride, but a fun one at that.

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