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I wanted to say I'm a pretty big huge Lost fan and I really enjoyed this edit. When the show was on TV a decade ago (man has it been that long?) I looked forward to each week's episode especially during the final season with great fervor. That being said after the emotional but lame cop out of an ending that didn't really provide any answers my affection for Lost went down a peg or two. So without watching my discs for years now I watched this edit with an open mind.

I was completely satisfied with this edit. It blended together seamlessly and told a story. I was a little off put on the 3rd part because it starts off with characters in a place they weren't at the end of two, but then in true lost fashion it shows how they got there "3 days ago..." so ultimately it worked well.

One thing - if it was me, I would add the complete segment from "the new man in charge" season 6 bonus feature because as the Dharma dude says in the clip 'we want answers'. After 6 seasons we deserve them! The 'new man in charge' section adds some answers to bits from earlier seasons (for example season 1 question: 'hey why's there a polar bear?') but I understand the decision to streamline it for storytelling reasons as it wasn't part of the story of the miniseries.

Anyway, if you are new to Lost or like me a big fan then you will enjoy this edit. Thank you DriggyDriggs for this edit. Highly recommended.

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