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(Updated: September 12, 2013)
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ADMIN NOTE: The reviewer mentions a serious problem with the audio of the edit. 2 Administrators and a member of the Academy checked the fanedit and the audio error was not present.

Ok where to start. First off my scores may be low but for a firstling the edit is good. but it and all 3 part's that have been released suffer from the same issues.

Visual Editing: Overall I have found the visual editing to be spot on. The on screen credit's really do hinder the flow of the edit. If not for those it would not feel episodic in nature. Every time they pop on the screen even for the few seconds they are there they remind me of an episode start. Other than that the Video is solid. One other thing is, there are no proper end credit's Just the Lost logo at the end. Why not take the 15 min and type up a end credit's or at the very least use the ones from the show

Audio Editing: Transitions and what not are fine and well executed but when watched on a 5.1 setup 95% of all audio comes out of the right channel. This is true for parts 1-3. I personally rebalanced the audio on my own so I could watch. This is a major flaw in the audio and if the edit had not come with such great reviews I would have just turned it off. Even when watched through my 2 channel TV via HDMI cable from the same BD player, I had all the audio out of the right channel there also. (NOTE: 2 Admins and 1 Academy member has checked the audio and have not experienced the same issue that I have.)

Narrative: I found that most of the narrative works and most of what was cut works well. The editor did a great job structuring the edit. I loved the Jacob flashback with Jack. Alot of things that I absolutely loved. That being said if someone had not watched lost before they have zero reason to care about the characters as next to all character development has been cut. In the case of Kate this works well. But in most other cases not so much. There are times we see a character for just long enough for someone to talk to them, then a short time later that character does their plot specific thing. The only other gripe about the narrative is the lack of taking the time to do the minor tweaks. Here is just one example it might be from part 2 not sure as i watched them all back to back. But the issue happens in all 3 versions. Characters will make references to stuff that has been cut. For instance Kate in the source material was always following them. In this edit she only does it once and then they make a comment about how she always does it. They are just minor things but they do stand out.

Enjoyment: Despite the flaws of the edit and after i fixed the audio I thoroughly enjoyed the edit. It was long but it was good. It is clear the editor has a great mind for getting what he want's out of the source material and using it wisely. I would just like to see some more attention to detail. Project's of this scope are always hard to tackle and the editor has done some good work. I would hope to see a Version 2 of parts 1-3 before the next installment.

Would I recommend the edit. Yes if you have watched lost and you just want a speed run. If you are not familer with the show I suggest a full watch of season 1 before watching this edit.

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September 09, 2013
I wrote the approval review and there were no issues with the audio track when I reviewed. I watched on a 2.0 setup though, but juice claims it's borked even on 2.0. I just rechecked the DVD and 1080 MKV and I got proper sound through both channels.
September 11, 2013
FWIW, I've examined both the MKV and DVD AC3 files. Sound was present from all channels.

I also burned and played the DVD and it sounded fine on my surround system (perhaps a bit loud overall, but turning down the volume was all I had to do to fix that.)

Center channel was very prominent, and sound was definitely present on all sides, including the left one.

So I also am not sure why Juice experienced the audio issues he describes.
2 results - showing 1 - 2